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Role: Director of Operations/ Owner

About me: Hey, guys. After serving in the Marine corps in my younger years, I discovered I had a passion for sales. Years later, I launched LeeAlta. “Lealta” is the word for loyalty in Italian, and being Italian on my grandmothers side of the family, with loyalty being one of the most important things in my life, paired with the name “Lee” of a passed father figure, the name Lee-Alta was born. Under this name, I operate with complete loyalty to my customers, and to my fellow colleagues. Every morning I wake up, excited to work with my community, and I’m very proud that I’m able to help contribute to the growth of the economy, and provide jobs to like-minded individuals.

Strengths: Focused, Task-oriented, detail oriented, 2x Thumb war champion.

Catch-phrase: “There’s a solution to every problem.”

Weaknesses: Teeth-clacking.

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Role: Trainer/ Translator/Enrollment Expert

About me: With over a decade worth of customer service & sales experience, you’re in the right hands. My passion is connecting with people, observing, and building relationships. The best way to get to know what drives me is to connect with me directly. My sole focus is you as the customer, and I’m honored to work with all of my clients.

Strengths: Confidence, adaptability, multilingual communication, and I own a light-saber.

Catch-phrase: “Hey, let’s stop for a coffee.”

Weaknesses: The word “moist.”

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Name: David pitts

Role: Enrollment specialist

About me: As a confident entrepreneur that focuses on solutions and progression; I spend my time marketing and charity to less fortunate. My goal is to become financially stable to provide a resourceful asset to our community. I'm passionate about helping others and wish to help


Strengths: Understanding, open minded, intelligent, charismatic, confident, kind, and goal driven, and ready to help in any way I can.

Catchphrase: "with every cause there's an affect", "with every action, there's a reaction"

Weakness: "I can't" attitudes & open-mouth coughing

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Name: Tyron Coney

Role: Enrollment specialist

About me: Customer driven, and focused, I enjoy meeting new people and connecting with them. I keep things simple, and working with me, you will see that I’m very cut and dry, and I get right to the point, and you will notice my commitment to my tasks every step of the way.

Strengths: Punctuality, and the ability to learn and adapt to any situation.

Weaknesses: Lip-smacking while chewing.

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