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Oh hello there! Instead of mindlessly ordering buffalo wings from DoorDash, you made the decision to come here, so we may enlighten you about our oh-so-impressive dedication to teamwork in improving our communities. Our biggest pitfall is that we are not a restaurant and we certainly do NOT serve wings. we DO serve our communities and play our part in helping those who may be in need. We do important things like connecting families to free mobile internet, Oh, and let’s not forget those community environmental programs that clean up our neighborhoods, while lowering the price of those vomit inducing utility bills, We're like superheroes, making a real difference and stuff.

So, if you're into saving a bunch of bucks, saving the planet, or getting free stuff, and want to experience the benefits we offer…or if you're just dying to join our noble cause and magnify the impact we're making, by joining our team, then contact a consultant today. And hey, after all that transformational engagement, why not treat yourself to some wings drowned in ranch dressing? Just make sure to share the love.

What’s a “LeeAlta”…, & does it require medical attention?


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Need to request a consultant?

If you have any government benefits, you qualify for free, cellular Internet for a year through the affordable connectivity program. Any benefit will do but free healthcare or EBT makes it easy to qualify in under a minute! If you qualify, then you will receive your activated Sim card with free, high-speed Internet, in just a few days, but most of the people we help opted to have the phone or tablet included, which is just a one time activation fee!

Be sure to grab your electric bill as well to take advantage of the mass smart program, which takes 10 to 20% off of your electric bill and helps power the states electrical grid with renewable energy!

There are multiple programs that can help can help you and your family and be sure to check with your consultant frequently to receive updates on our newest programs!

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